I was wasting time on thechive.com when I came across 25 rockstar pictures from high school. Let's just say, they didn't always know they would be rockers.

Yes, that is Steve Tyler from Aerosmith. It's crazy to see him when he was younger, and not so much of a rocker. He was clean cut with a suit. Check out a picture of him now.

His hair and style has defiantly changed a good bit.  Pre-Aerosmith, lets be honest, I would have never guessed he would be the rockstar he is today.

Next, another one of my favorites is Kid Rock. I mean look at his boyish ways. Clean cut, clean in general, and well maintained.


Now, let's take a look at what he has become....

Just like Steve Tyler, Kid Rock's hair, or Robert James Ritchie, his real name has changed a lot.  In my opinion, his looks dirty and greasy. Now, this is just person opinion, but to go from teenage Kid Rock to grown up Kid Rock...... What went wrong?

Now if you would like to see more picture of your favorite rockers check out this article. It has 25 of you most well known rockers from Alice Cooper to Axl Rose. Check it out. For a little more fun, google their current pictures and see how much they have changed. It's amazing what fame, the 70's, and music can do to someone.