Offensive stickers were placed on several businesses in the state capital during the early morning hours earlier this week proclaiming the businesses to be 'exclusively for white people'.

In addition to the disparaging words, the stickers include the city of Austin's logo, giving the impression that they represent the city. City officials vehemently deny they represent the city. One of the targeted businesses was Sugar Mama's, and the owner of the bakery told KXAN,

As a multiracial family with a multiracial staff, there’s nothing funny about this … It’s sick, and its cowardly message can be read many ways, none of them positive. We are disgusted by this act of vandalism and cowardice.”

Whatever the meaning behind the stickers, it is still wrong. Austin is a great melting pot of culture and ideas, and for this to happen is kind of an insult to the people of Austin.

[via KXAN]