A proposal from the Department of Labor is seeking to protect teens and children in farming and ranching families.

The proposal is still not available in full to the public but from what I have read and watched through several interviews with some of congress members, the new regulations would hamper the chores or responsibilities that teens and children are being given as everyday tasks. Now with safety in mind of course is why they have decided to push these recommendations through to congress, senators in major farming and ranching states and districts are fighting this along side the the Department of Agriculture.

So from a country boys perspective I have wrote a sample letter to the department of labor that I thought would be appropriate:

Dear Sir or Mam,

We appreciate the concern for the safety of our children, further more we understand that you have probably never operated or worked with 90% of the tools, animals,heavy equipment, and or facilities that we use in our ranching and farming lives on a daily basis. So with that being said we do our work and don't make regulations for your job telling you that you can only write 1 new rule or regulation a month or that you must be certified to run your high tech fancy copy machine that will probably make your high class frappachino, nor do we wish to make these kind of laws. Further more we sure hope that you don't pass these rules because I am sure that your enforcement agency would probably have to be trained to use 4 wheel drive properly before they could make it to inspect our compliance and then its going to be left up to me to come get them unstuck when they forget how to properly use it.  I find it in the best interest of farmers and ranchers alike to let us raise our kids the way we have been doing for years through 4-H and FFA(Future Farmers of America), and you can raise your kids in the office of copy machines and fax printer combos and we wont bother you!


The RED NECK FARMER and Rancher


Leave your feed back in a comment below and lets talk about this new labor laws that they are wanting to pass!