Why is it so fun to dress up and be someone your not for a night? What is your favorite Halloween activity?


Ok, so I know its early but before we know it in less than a month we will be getting all dressed up like crazy movie stars or like iconic heroes but I want to know what your favorite part of Halloween is.

I will start this discussion off by telling you that I am an absolute phenatic for Halloween and the fun that goes behind it all. I remember as a young kid the excitement of dressing up and going door to door to see how much candy we could collect. Then the second competition was who could eat the most candy on the way home before we had to put it up. But as I have aged and not so many folks want to give grown ups handfuls of candy I have found my Halloween tradition to be haunted houses.

I love the thrill of going to haunted houses across the area to see who has the best one, I mean who can deny the fun feeling of scary things that will never hurt you! So I am setting out on a mission this year to find all of the haunted houses in the area and post a review of each one right here on the website so that you can enjoy them with me.

More importantly I want to know what your favorite Halloween traditions are. Do you sit at home and wait for everyone to come see you, do you trick or treat. do you hate Halloween? Let me know so may be I can spice up the Halloween spirit at my house this year!