Kory might be new to the station, but he’s not new to the business, having worked previously for country, rock, pop, and news talk stations across Texas. In addition to his work on the air, Kory is an accomplished keyboardist and can play everything from Led Zeppelin to praise music to Wade Bowen to Billy Joel. But don’t ask him to play “Piano Man.” Just don’t.

These days, Kory is playing keys for the Judson Cole Band, which is a pretty sweet gig and not just because he gets to rub elbows with the likes of Bart Crow, William Clarke Green, and Randy Rogers on the weekends. But, yeah, that part is pretty okay, too.

In addition to radio and music stuff, Kory is passionate about most things manly. These include but are not limited to: traveling, hiking, camping, kayaking, over-eating, taking long walks around the KOA or Concho River after over-eating, and severe weather (manliness debatable on that one).

Here are some other things you probably don’t know about Kory, but should.

  • He worked for a while as a skating rink DJ and still randomly asks strangers on the street to “shoot the duck.” So, you’ve been warned.
  • He describes his dream girl as being “smart, sarcastic, artistic, active, outdoorsy, curious, soft, rough, caring, adventurous, and loaded.” If this sounds like you, please send your SAT scores, a picture you've drawn, your best half-marathon time, a picture of you with Bigfoot, a deeply probing question, a kitten, a sheet of 20-grit sandpaper, three examples of times your empathized with strangers, a picture of you base jumping with Bigfoot, and all of your money to “Kory’s Dream Girl Contest Thingie” c/o this radio station.
  •  He says his favorite cartoon as a kid was Fraggle Rock, which wasn’t actually a cartoon, but that’s okay, because Fraggle Rock was awesome.
  • His favorite chord is C dominant seven. Says Kory: “The dominant seven speaks to my inner African-American, and the C speaks to my very Caucasian everything else.” We used an exact quote from him because we have no idea what the heck he’s talking about.
  • Despite being predominately a keyboard player these days, Kory was first a drummer. He can still be spotted filling in on drums and bass guitar for various groups from time to time.
  • His favorite Ninja Turtle was – and, again, we’re quoting him directly here – “The one with the big stick.” Oh, Kory. Why so naughty?
  • Kory says his worst on-air mishap involved a slip of the tongue involving an attempt to say “Funky Friday” while at a live remote. Wanna guess how that turned out?
  • Oh—and get this. Kory thinks Luke Wilson should play him in the movie of his life. Sure thing, Kory. We’ll get right on that.