Phil Hamilton has gone by the nickname 'Philthy' ever since I can remember.  With the upcoming release of his live album he's decided to play a little game call Five Days Of Philthy.

Facebook- Phil Hamilton

Philthy Phil Hamilton is releasing a Live at the Whiskey Girl August 27th and has a fun little game going along with it.  I received a package from Phil today with a plethora of albums to give away along with 5 items labeled to open them on a certain day.  I'm not the most patient person so it's going to be hard not to just open everything at once but I'll try to stay strong.  I'll be posting each of the items daily about 3:00 pm.  Today was the perfect Monday gift, a stress ball with the Philthy logo on it.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Check in daily to find out what the item of the day is!

Ben Ryan

Phil Hamilton - Back Of A '73

Phil Hamilton - Bad