It's Tuesday and we're almost to the middle of the week. Here's 5 random facts found randomly on the Internet to get you to 'Hump Day'.


1.  Anytime someone returns underwear to Victoria's Secret, they SHRED it . . . even if it still has the tags.  They just can't take the chance that someone wore it.

2.  Ben & Jerry's sells 71 different flavors of ice cream . . . and 22 have pieces of cookies, cake, or brownies in them.

3.  Blockbuster teamed up with Enron in 2000 to create a service that would deliver movies on-demand, like Netflix does today.  But it was a huge failure.

4.  Kangaroos don't burp or break wind.  The way their bodies break down food, nothing is converted to methane . . . so they don't need to release gas.

5.  The guy who created Ultimate Frisbee was a college student named Joel Silver . . . and after school, he went on to become a huge Hollywood producer.  He's the guy behind the "Lethal Weapon", "Die Hard", and "Matrix" movies.