Freebirds World Burritos has finally made it's way to West Texas.  I'd choose Freebirds over Chipotle any day of the week but my first 'official' visit wasn't all that great.

Ashley, her brother Aaron and myself ventured out to have Freebirds for the first time officially this evening.  As expected the line was long but that didn't discourage us.  From all the time I spent in College Station when I was younger I became very familiar with Freebirds, when they moved to Fort Worth it was exciting.  I moved to Angelo and sadly there wasn't a Freebirds, until now.  I got my Freebird on a cayenne tortilla and all the fixin's, except refried beans.  Really?  No refried beans?  How are you out the second day you're open?  Not cool Freebirds, not cool.  I wasn't too upset as I've had Freebirds burritos many times however tonight I wanted a Pot Brownie.  Just to clarify a Pot Brownie isn't what you think, it's simply a giant and awesomely delicious brownie.  We got our orders and at the register, where the brownies normally are, I didn't see any brownies.  I asked for one and they were out of those too.  If they had been out of Dr. Pepper I'd have asked for a refund and walked out but luckily they had that part covered.  I will admit though, even the worst Freebirds trip is stil an awesome Freebirds trip.  A Pot Brownie would have made it better and just means I'll have to go back again next week.  I'm just happy there is a Freebirds in San Angelo now.  Now we need a Jimmy Johns and Papa Murphy's.