It all started back in 1998 when Furby's were introduced to the world and was the must have item on all children's Christmas lists.  They are now back and even smarter than before.

Facebook- Furby

I'll never forget going to our family Christmas in 1998 when my younger cousins received Furby's from our grandparents.  I didn't understand the point of them but the kids seemed to have fun playing with them.  They showed me how it speaks 'furbish' and how you can teach it things etc.  That night one of the kids left the Furby at my grandparents house, while we were all sitting around it just started doing it's thing.  I tried to turn the thing off but it was already off so I turned it on then back off and it shut up.  This continued throughout the evening and night so we took the batteries out and I swear it was still talking.  I talked with a friend about the Furby going back on the market and she had the same story.  Pretty creepy huh?  We both agreed this things should never be sold again.  They are annoying and if the ones from 98 worked without batteries just imagine what the new ones will do.  I see another 'Chucky' situation.  Okay, so they might not try to hurt us but the things are just weird.  The new Furby can interact with the iPhone and has some crazy looking digital eyes.  I never thought I'd have to hear the name Furby again, this fad needs to die away forever.  What do you think?  Have you had a similar situation with a Furby?