If you know Texas Music you Know Gary P. Nunn, over the past weekend I had the experience of enjoying a Gary P. Nunn concert along with 2800 other people. Needless to say it was a blast.

Before the show I had the opportunity to talk with Gary P. and like most conversations between artist and dj's we talked about the business and what the latest news in the scene is, but then we got to talking about old story's from the road and playing Blaines Pub, before to long it was time for him to take the  stage.

As I sat back stage and watched Gary P. Nunn take to the stage of the Miles Cotton Fest, I watched a wide array of generations take to the street to dance.  There were kids still in high school all the way up to folks as old as my grandparents. It was a unique experience that not every artist can pull off but Gary P. Nunn made it happen. His set list was only a simple note to remind him of what story to tell next and I must say that Gary P. Nunn and the Boys In The Bunkhouse are darn good at telling story's.

Gary P. Nunn has begun to sell his brand new album "One Way Or Another", which he tells me ranges from the rockin swing dancin music to the good ole shuffle steppin music. He will also be at Blaines Pub in October so get out and enjoy a Texas legend.