I give blood as often as I can. It's such an easy way to give back to your community.

Did you know that every 2 seconds a person in the US needs blood? There is a constant shortage of blood all over the United States. Everyday there can be over 38,000 blood transfusions, people need blood daily for all kind of different situations.

For example, a car crash could take more than 100 pints of blood, cancer patients need blood to help with Chemo, and of course you have your daily operations at your local hospital. You can see why blood is needed daily.  Every time you give 1 pint of blood, you can save 3 different people. It's that easy. Now, I've heard the reasons why people don't like giving blood. They don't have time, they hate needles, they just got a tattoo, etc. But, I gave blood yesterday and not only did it take me less than 3 minutes, it was painless, and I also got a new tattoo less than 3 months ago. If you ever wonder if you are eligible to give blood, check out this website.


In addition to always needing blood, type O blood is ALWAYS in short supply. It is the only type of blood that can be mixed with any other type. If you have type O blood, you should consider giving blood.  Currently there is a critical appeal for O-negative blood and less than a 2 day supply for A and B-positive blood type.

I am A-positive blood so yesterday it really felt like I helped out and accomplished something. I know that today my blood is being used to save a number of lives. It's so easy to help and I suggest you at least consider it.

Here is the information to the United Blood Services Center here in San Angelo. Call them and make an appointment today. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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