This weekend Blaine's Pub is putting on the 2nd Annual A La Chingada Downtown Goat Roping which means there will also be some live music.  This year they have three talented artists taking the Blaine's Stage.

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This weekend it's going down in downtown San Angelo, TX with the 2nd Annual A La Chingada Downtown Goat Roping.  It's a fun event with great music scheduled so don't miss any of it.  The music kicks off roughly at 7:00 with Haley Cole taking the Blaine's stage for her first time.  I've not had the pleasure of meeting Haley yet but from talking with her about music and following on social media, she's a little firecracker.  Many artists have raved about her music and I'm looking forward to seeing what she's got.  You have probably heard her song Satisfied on Kickin' Country and I've seen quite a few requests for it.

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Haley Cole - Satisfied

The Rankin Twins will be taking the stage immediately after Haley Cole and they always rock out the Blaine's stage.  The Rankin Twins have been a Concho Valley favorite for many moons and always have a great crowd.  They play all your favorite Twinning music along with some covers that everybody loves.  Everybody has fun and dancing on the table is a must.  The Twins always like to have fun and you can find them walking around the crowd mingling and goofing off with everybody.  Don't miss your chance to hear that new song Holdin' Pattern along with all the other new ones from the Moonshine and Maybes album!

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Rankin Twins - Holdin' Pattern

Last but not least is your headliner for the evening, Phil Hamilton.  That's right, he's back and ready to get down and party up.  With a nickname like Philthy you know things are going to get a little wild.  If you haven't seen his beard in a while it's worth attending the show just to be in the presence of that greatness.  I've been a fan of Phil Hamilton for many moons and recall the days of 'The Backroad Drifters'.  A great group of guys and musicians that will surely have you dancing and having a great time all night long.  Don't miss out on the show this Saturday with Haley Cole, The Rankin Twins and Phil Hamilton. I'll see you there!

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Phil Hamilton - Bad