Throwback some great food and drinks this Thursday at the House of FiFi DuBois. Thursday is coming up, and you need a break from this tough work week. Well, I know I do, so I have to assume you do to. Besides, I'll use any excuse to kick back and relax on a Thursday.

I'll be at FiFi's hanging out about 5:30, so drop what you are doing and join me. Toni and FiFi are cooking up some delicious food for you to snack on while you sip those wonderful Happy Hour priced drinks they concocted. Be careful, they certainly sneak up on you!

I have to say, I love going to FiFi's for their Throwback Thursday. When you walk into the bar it's like you are being transported to another time (wink wink)! Aside from the great atmosphere, you've got the best music, and amazing company.

But, I know how everyone likes perks, so ladies, here's a great one for you! Come in and hang out with me, and you'll have a chance to win tickets to your choice of concert that FIFi's puts on. That's right. Free admission to a concert of you choice, and all you've got to do is show up and play a game or two with me. I'll see you there!