Over the weekend one of my good friends, Nick, from high school was having his bachelor party.  I can't make the wedding and made a promise to attend the bachelor party. 

Saturday morning I woke up regretting staying up so late the night before as I had a heck of a trip ahead of me.  One of my long time friends was having his bachelor party at his lake house in Mabank, TX.  This makes the second bachelor party we've had at his lake house.  I got packed up and on the road for my 6 hour drive.  The trip itself wasn't very eventful as Bobby Schuyler took my radio antenna so i was listening strictly to CDs the entire way.  I did see a high speed police chase, or that's what it looked like, when I was about 30 miles from my final destination.  It was a mini van running from the law.  Bet they didn't make it very far.

I had recieved a text earlier in the week about the party and found out who all would be attending.  Mostly old high school buddies and a few people Nick went to college with.  I arrived at the lake house about 5:45pm and the festivities had begun.  While I'm not going to go into details of the party I will say having all of us back together again was a good time.  It's been probably three years since we had all gotten together and hung out.  I was thinking on the way home, 'Man, we are getting older.'  I remember back in the day when we wouldn't go two days without hanging out.  I guess that's what happens when you get older.

Reminiscing about the old high school and college stories was a kick but Nick's dad was filled in on a lot of things we never got caught doing.  Not that we were bad kids, just your typical growing mischief.  All in all the 638.3 trip was well worth it.  I am just wondering which friend will bite the dust next and where that bachelor party will take us.  There is a group of my friends who have come up with some borderline wrong pranks to play on each other at their bachelor party.  Should be interesting.