If you missed out on Granger Smith you have to watch the video below and see just what went on!

We all dream of the show that you go to and find the crowd pumped up and the band is rockin out to your favorite songs. Well if that's your dream you missed a great opportunity last Friday night at Midnight Rodeo San Angelo.

We opened up the show with a Aggie graduate that is no stranger to the way the music scene is, at the age of 19 he went and wrote in Nashville for some time and then came back to Texas to kick his music career off. Granger knows exactly how to put a smile on your face and live and laugh in the moment. The show was packed with energy and excitement with every song that rang out.

But it gets better at the end of the set Earl Dibbles Jr. stole the spotlight and didn't have a problem telling us about the country boy lifestyle. This alter ego of Granger Smith has drummed up lots of attention and has created quite a stir with all of its one line punches about the over produced music of Nashville. Check out the video and make your own judgement but it was a show for the books.