I am not kidding when I say that Granger Smith will light up the stage at Midnight Rodeo tonight. Every time he comes to town he has more and more special effects throughout his show, and it just gets better and better. If you haven't heard his newest sing, listen to the above video.

Granger is such a talented artist and has been a staple on the Texas Music Scene for many years. His ninth Studio album is called 'Dirt Road Driveway"' which has been yet another very successful venture for him.

I interviewed Granger this morning on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call'  and we talked about the success of 'Dirt Road Driveway', and a new project to be released soon. We also discussed his upcoming tour of the West Coast. Granger also told me how he works at balancing such a busy tour schedule with family time, writing, and recording. We also talked about Earl Dibbles Jr., who will be there tonight as well.

Listen to the interview here.