Do you have some trash you need to get rid of? Well tomorrow is your lucky day!

The Great American Clean-Up takes San Angelo by storm once a year, and it’s a great time to clean up around your home and neighborhood. Even though the event has been cut from twice a year to once a year, San Angelo makes a proud showing and brings in almost 400 tons of junk and trash a year to the clean-up event.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the junk pile here is some things that you will need to know.

Location: 50 East 43rd Street (coliseum parking lot)

When: Saturday June 16th 8a.m-1:30pm

Now you may be asking yourself “What can I bring to this clean-up event and what can I not bring?" I have the answer for that too.

Allowed Items: household trash, furniture,tree limbs, fencing, brush, electronics, batteries,documents for shredding  and car tires (there is a minimal fee for tires).

Items NOT ALLOWED: paint, oil, hazardous materials, and liquid wastes.

Get there as early as you can because the masses of people turn out in full force to clean up our city!

For more information you can contact the City Code Compliance Office at 657-4409