This weekend's lineup at Stillwater Bar and Grill is gonna be a great one! Here's whats going on this Friday and Saturday.

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On Friday night we've got the musical styling of Mr. Bryce Jones and John Gil are gonna be rocking the house indoors from 7:30-9pm. Bryce and Gil are two hilarious guys that will put one heck of a show for the start of your weekend! Also since it'll be inside, you'll be able to enjoy the show without getting cold in that pretty much lack of Fall weather. You'll hear some awesome tunes like Bryce's "Midnight Thunder Storm" and also "Worry About Tonight."

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Bryce Jones-Midnight Thunder Storm

Then on Saturday night to continue the party is Creed Fisher taking the stage! Creed has came and played a few venues around the Concho Valley including the Curing Cancer Music Fest 2012 and won the Battle of the Bands at Blaine's Pub a few months ago. Those guys will be rocking out the stage with some songs of theirs that you know like "You Shoulda Been a Redneck" and "Come and Hold Me."

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Creed Fisher-Should Have Been a Redneck