Austin ranks as the 2nd 'Quirkiest' city in America,  and it’s the quirkiest city that Texas has, but then we all knew that. However, surprisingly, Houston made the list, too! Travel and Leisure Magazine put together a great list of the 'Quirkiest' cities in America, saying,

They ranked hundreds of towns for such magnetic qualities as vibrant main streets, coffee bars, and an eco-friendly vibe. And while plenty of those features may contribute to a town’s unique personality, the top 20 winners in the quirky category take it a step further.

Austin definitely has the qualification so far. Quirky is 'defined as 'off beat', according to the magazine. Sometimes it seems like the mainstream is kind of like a dried up creek, and more and more people head off the beaten path. So head straight to Austin and visit,

The newest incarnation of the Keep Austin Weird motto is the recently opened Sfanthor on South Congress—a wax museum celebrating the greatest in the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres (hence, “Sfanthor”).

Usually, when we Texan's think 'Weird' we automatically think of Austin. However, perhaps we don't give it's neighbor, Houston, the credit it deserves. From bat watching to impeccable art collections, there is one thing you may not be able to find anywhere else but in Houston, Texas:

you could also commission a unique painting here—created (with only a little help) by an elephant, jaguar, or white-faced saki at the Houston Zoo (just take note that the $250 painting will take up to six weeks for the critter to complete). 

Yep, you can get a wild animal to paint you a picture, you'll just have to wait awhile for the creative juices and inspiration gets flowing.

And, what is the top city of the 20 Quirkiest Cities list? Well, you should already know this: New Orleans. It must be all the parades and beads. The magazine thinks that the locals make the city quirky, but I bet it's all the craw-fish and Cajun music. Check out the full list here.

So which city is quirkiest in West Texas? Let us know what you think below in the comment section.