We all do it, we donate what we can when we can. One guy in Kentucky went above and beyond when it came to helping his community.

We all like to help as much as possible in our community. For example, I always partake in food drives, toy drives around Christmas, and I always adopt an angel from our local Wal-Mart. Rankin Paynter from Kentucky, went above and beyond to help his community.  The local KMART store in Clark was going out of business, he asked the managers what happens to all the left over merchandise and was told that "power shoppers" come through and buy everything else. This man was not ok with this. He proceeded to buy the entire closing down KMART.  He spent $200,000 at four different cash registers. When he was done, he donated all $200,000 worth of merchandise to they local community charity. Rankin Paynter went above what he had to do to help his community.


I realize we don't all have an extra $200,000 dollars in our pockets but there is some ways you can help right here in our community. Locally, we have The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and of course The Concho Valley Regional Food Bank. All these charities are listed on a local website that helps you find charities to donate to. Please take a second and check out this website to help right here in Tom Green County!

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