Hal Ketchum is set to release his first album in six years called “I’m The Troubadour” on October 7th.  Ketchum, who was diagnosed with a form of Multiple Sclerosis a little over 15 years ago, saw the symptoms catch up with him in the last few years.  The 61-year-old singer/songwriter also lost his mother to the disease.

Ketchum recently told Texas Monthly that he's doing better now.

“But I feel great right now, man,” Ketchum says. “I got my mobility back, and that's what led me to try and get back to this point. I was living in a cabin in Wimberley, and I just started writing these songs, and I thought they were good enough to hear. They really started coming back to me.”

You can read the whole article HERE along with a preview of a song off the new album.