Exactly on year ago to date, Texas & Red Dirt Music performers, Jason Eady and Courtney Patton, got married. Everyone here at Kickin' Country 103.1 in San Angelo, Texas would like wish them a very happy, fun filled anniversary. Keep it up, and keep up the great music y'all make!

Just in case you don't know too much about this adorable couple pictured below, here's a quick update. Jason Eady is from Granbury Texas, and his latest album Daylight & Dark takes us into the deep, dark, and sometimes messy side of love and life. It is a powerful album about a man's journey through life in general.

Courtney Patton released her first full length album, Triggering a Flood,  in May of 2013. She decided to create a Kickstarter campaign 'Courtney Patton: A Traditional Country Album' to get her back into the studio to record her sophomore album. Courtney describer her vision as,

I'm headed back in to the studio to work on a new album under the guidance of my dear friend, Drew Kennedy, as producer.  Drew gets a sound on his albums that I crave - raw, breathable, acoustically driven, stripped down.  I aim to make a traditional country album that would make a younger Willie Nelson proud.  Think "Red Headed Stranger" Willie.