Brad Paisley has really outdone himself this time.  This song is sure to be number one on the Nashville charts soon.

Flickr- asterix611

My friend Adam Drake sent me this video earlier today and I got an absolute kick out of it.  I'm not really a Brad Paisley fan but I just have to share this one.  I don't like reality shows, especially when the star is a spoiled brat that needs to have her hide tanned.  If I ever acted like Honey Boo Boo when I was a kid my dad said one phrase and it would've straightened me right up.  The phrase you ask?  "Do I need to take you to the bathroom?"  I knew that meant a lecture and he'd spank my butt!  I'm not sure if this is actually the new theme song or not because it sounds like a joke.  Hope you enjoy and it brightens your day.