Yesterday, I wrote a blog about our Kickin' artist of the week, Rob Baird. He is one of my favorite singers and I geniunely enjoy all of his music. Today Ben Ryan gave me the best surprise ever.


Today I was working incredibly hard in the Kickin' Country studio,  listening to all my favorite songs, playing on Facebook, and of course doing my radio show. I was minding my own business when Ben Ryan came stomping in the studio. Yes, Ben Ryan stomps around. He has incredibly loud boots on 90% of the time.  He threw a CD at me and walked away. Within minutes, I was jumping with joy! We finally got copies of Rob Bairds new CD. This CD has a release date of May 22nd, so I am stoked.

I have listened to it all day.  I absolutely love Rob Baird and figured we wouldn't get this cd until next week. Thanks, Rob, for sending us your tunes. If you would like more details about Rob Baird check out his website .