Do kids really hate the healthier foods that have been mandated in school lunch programs? A study out of University of Illinois at Chicago suggests that first lady Michelle Obama may have been on the right track when she pushed for tougher nutrition standards, even as more schools now seem to be resisting the program that covers some 30 million kids. 

Administrators from more than 500 elementary schools were asked by researchers how their students reacted to the meals that emphasized more fruits and vegetables and less junk during the 2012-2013 year, when the policy first went into effect.

The result was that over seven in ten agreed or strongly agreed that primary school students liked the lunch choices they were being offered.

According to the survey, the new lunches were better received in larger schools where youngsters qualified for free meals or those at reduced prices, while students in either urban or suburban areas were less apt to turn their noses up at the lunches than youngsters in rural parts of the country.