There are some pretty crazy items being sold on eBay and craigslist but this one takes the cake.  There is a 'time machine' up for grabs on eBay. 

People are willing to believe anything these days.  There is now a collection of 'time machines' on eBay up for auction.  I don't think you can really call it a time machine as it's no DeLorean and looks much like a golden cube.  The seller is auctioning it off but you can 'Buy It Now' for $199!  It even comes with a book full of time travel instructions and pointers.  The description says spells were chanted into the cube to give it the time travel powers.  The instructional book comes autographed by the author and the autograph is written in magic ink with a magic $777 ink pen.  I feel sorry for the sucker that buys this thing!  Doc Brown and Marty McFly would get a kick out of this.

-Ben Ryan