With all the panic lately the 'end of the world' is upon us and yet we are all still here.

Flickr- Templarion

Looks like yet another doomsday prophecy was a fluke.  People have been going on and on about how the Mayan Calendar was never finish and the world will end on December 21st 2012 and while today isn't over yet, I'm pretty sure they were wrong.  Most likely what happened was the fellow working on it just got tired of carving all this stuff into a rock and went to grab some tequila or whatever they drank.  Some friends and I were hanging out last night waiting for midnight ro strike and the crazy thing is, we didn't realize it was the end of days until about 12:06am.  We did find out one thing though, my buddy Blake looks like Mark McKinney.  I guess we'lll just have to wait until 11:59pm tonight to make sure we make it to December 22nd.  The craziest thing about this is people around the world thought this would bring destruction to our planet and the Mayan ancestors weren't even worried.  I've survived the end of the world a couple time now.  Funny, never thought the post apocalyptic world would look like our regular world.