Adam Hood came out the winner going against Brian Keane with "I'll Sing About Mine" and now there is a new name to throw in the hat, Josh Abbott.  Can Josh Abbott take the win this time?

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It's been about six months since Adam Hood and Brian Keane went head to head but we are back with another contender.  Josh Abbott not only has covered "I'll Sing About Mine" on his new album, he's also pushing it as his latest radio single.  Adam pulled off the win with 58% of the votes in the last contest between the writers and Brian took the song to #2 on the charts.  I'm excited to see how everybody responds to Josh Abbott's version.  While all three versions are great I'm still partial to the Adam Hood version.  Take a listen, cast your vote and leave a comment below.

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Adam Hood- I'll Sing About Mine

Brian Keane- I'll Sing About Mine

Josh Abbott Band - I'll Sing About Mine