People love to use the Internet, but in a small poll conducted by SurveyMonkey, most are worried that their privacy is being compromised, particularly in the realm of the searches they make. 

For instance, when asked if they would take advantage of a service to permanently remove their name from searches, 74 percent said they would be either "extremely likely" or "likely" to take advantage of this option.

As for whether they're concerned whether the government has access to their Web search history, about 18 percent admitted to be "extremely" concerned, while 43 percent of respondents answered they were either "moderately" or "somewhat" concerned.

Asked about precautions taken to protect online privacy, more than half said they did the following: use a strong password; delete search history; and delete cookies.

There was also one intriguing finding. Although seven in ten respondents said they would not allow a company use of their personal data in exchange for a free product, eight percent answered "yes" while 21 percent admitted they didn't know if they would.