Midnight Rodeo will be rockin' this Friday night as a staple musician in the Texas & Red Dirt music scene takes the stage. Stoney LaRue is back in San Angelo, March 27th.

Folks in West Texas are familiar with his music, as he is defintely one of the pioneers in bringing awareness to the depth and clarity of Texas and Red Dirt music. Stoney LaRue does have a unique philosophy when it comes to his craft and Stoney puts it eloquently,

You have to be careful about what you put out there and what you sing about, because it's a little like the Laws of Attraction. You've either lived it or written about it, or you're writing about it and you're gonna.

Don't we know it. There is a reason we eat up his music. His last album, Aviatorwas released in 2014, and it was eyeopening. It's not that he had a completely new sound, it wasn't that it was revolutionary, it was still all Stoney LaRue. But, Aviator had a slightly different sound. And we loved it.

We are so glad that Texas & Red Dirt artists are starting to get more recognition throughout the country than ever before. People are starting to see what we've know all along down here. This music is great. Stoney LaRue is even headlining the 5th Annual Railhead Rendezvous at the Live Aqua Resort in Cancun. We can only imagine how crazy of a time that will be. He will be playing with Wade Bowen, Randy Brown, and Sean McConnell down there. Even Zane Williams and Brendon Anthony are getting in on that Mexico action!