Dolly Shine is back in San Angelo this Saturday night. These guys are no strangers to Blaine's Pub, and they have played there a number of times.

That alone should tell you everything you need to know. These guys are good, and San Angelo loves them.

Dolly Shine's latest album is called 'All In' and their latest single from it is 'Dangerous Love' which you can download here. If you haven't heard much of their music, you are missing out. This Texas band knows how to put on a show, and their music is straight from the heart. The 5 piece band has been together for five years, and made up of all original members, it makes for some interesting times, and one hell of a show apparently. They have been described like this,

Dolly Shine is on a roll. Their music brings just enough heart-ache and angst mixed in with one hell of a party, Dolly Shine will blow the doors off the bar. Their live performance will leave you singing their songs for weeks and begging for more.

Tune in to 103.1 this Friday morning at 9:35 while I interview Dolly Shine's frontman Zack McGinn.

Take a listen to these guys.