As we come into spring and summer, a lot of people enjoy getting out and spending a little time on the banks of our Concho River. Tomorrow everyone is invited to help clean it up, in a Kayak. 

don mason

This is an organized effort through the 'Concho Valley Kayak Cleanup's' annual event which centers around beautifying San Angelo's local waterways and to clean up waterborne litter utilizing kayaks to gain access to floating litter.

This event gets underway at 8 am this Saturday, April 25th and should be over by noon. Everyone who wants to participate, please meet at the Bosque parking lot on South Irving Street at 8 am.

The goal this year is to beautify the most heavily trafficked areas of the downtown river walk. They are asking everyone with a kayak to please volunteer a little of your time to help in making our community that much more of a great city to be proud of.