Jack Ingram is known as a pioneer in the Texas Music scene. And with six Top 40 singles he’s one of the very few to come out of the Texas scene and hit big nationally. It’s been three years, since 2009 that Ingram released “Big Dreams and High Hopes,” his most recent album. Three long years, but guess what? We won’t have to wait much longer for new music, and you won’t have to wait nearly as long to see him live — this Friday, August 17th, Jack Ingram will be headlining The MDA Benefit Rodeo and Concert in Athens, TX.

Ingram released his first album in 1992, and just 14 years later in 2006 he scored his first No.1 single on the Billboard Country chart with “Wherever You Are.” And in 2009 the accolades continues when he won the ACM for Top New Male Vocalist.

New Male Vocalist? Sure, if you consider 14 years on the road doing countless live concerts, and nine albums “new.” His Top 40 success continued with hit singles such as, “Love You,” “Lips of an Angel,” “Maye She’ll Get Lonely” and “Barefoot and Crazy.”

It’s apparent the ironic speed of the music industry isn’t lost on Ingram, so it’s no wonder when asked about his next album, which is slated for release in early 2013 he says, “People think that may seem like a long time, but it’s the blink of an eye.” It’s because to him it really is.

This Friday and Saturday is the MDA Benefit Rodeo and Concert in Athens, TX. The two night concert features Wade Bowen Saturday and Jack on Friday. I asked Jack if my listeners can only make it to one show that he weekend who does he recommend? He laughed, “That’s a no brain-er if you wouldn’t rather people see your show, you shouldn’t be doin it.”

In 2006 Ingram’s single “Wherever You Are” topped Country music’s Billboard chart. So, what’s it mean to have a No. 1 Billboard song, Jack told us for him it was vindication, “I’ve been at it a while and always trying to achieve some kind of recognition or moniker of success… that was kind of the start of a much bigger part of my career.”

A couple weeks ago The Boot Campaign, Southwest Airlines and Jack teamed for a surprise, in-flight acoustic concert for SPC. Jeremy Smith, a Purple Heart recipient and Afghanistan veteran, here’s what Jack said about the experience,

I’m really proud to be a part of their organization. It was really cool… we took this flight from Austin to Dallas, I took my guitar to the front of the plane and actually played a concert 4-5 songs through that phone that they use to tell you how to buckle your seat belt… It was hilarious.. it was really a neat deal.

Get your tickets now to see Jack Ingram Friday night for the MDA Benefit Rodeo and Concert, just click here.

Pres play below to hear our complete interview.

And if you have yet to see it, here’s the video of his in-flight performance for SPC. Jeremy Smith, well worth four minutes of your time.