Many of you have met or have seen my roommate's dog Jack Jack on social media.  Now he's going to have a friend to play with.

Ben Ryan

I've known Jack Jack for many moons and he used to have a furry friend named Axle but when Axle's owner moved out he became very lonely.  I've been wanting a dog for a long time and my roommate took me up to the pet adoption Saturday at Petco.  Concho Valley PAWS had quite a few dogs there but the one that stood out went by the name of Red.  While I'm not excited about his name he is an awesome dog.  He's a hound mix and a tough one.  He defended another group of dogs from a wildcat attack before be rescued by PAWS and has the scars to show it.  When I walked up he came right to me and sort of latched on to me.  I had to adopt him, so I did.  Now Jack Jack will have a friend to play with and I've got a pretty cool dog.  They told me they named him Red about a week and a half ago.  To be honest with you, I think I may change his name to Wylie.  What do you think?