JB and the Moonshine Band took the Texas/Red Dirt scene by storm with the release of 'Perfect Girl' and are continuing to build momentum with every new song.  They are also really good about making music videos with their radio single.


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The current radio single 'Kiss Me That Way' has now reached top 20 on the Texas charts and you guessed it, there's a video for it now.  The East Texas boys show more of their softer side with this video.  It's black and white which was a bit different than most videos lately.  JB and the guys always have some sort of country boy feel to all their videos and this one has no shortage of such items.  So far the video for 'I'm Down' has been my favorite but this new one is pretty snazzy too.  Big trucks, grizzly beards and hard working people is what you'll see here.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Enjoy!

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