While you were busy barbecuing with the family and taking the kids to see the fireworks this Fourth of July, Joey Chestnut was trying to break another world record.

Last year, the 28-year-old competitive eater set a record for eating a total of 68 hot dogs in just 10 minutes at Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest, held annually on July 4th. This time around he set out to try and beat it, but did he succeed?

After scarfing down more than 20,000 calories of hot dog amidst 90-degree weather, Chestnut was only able to tie his previous stats. Womp! But the good news is that he took home the winner’s trophy anyway, along with the $10,000 grand prize. Yeah, if we knew we could get paid for eating hot dogs, we would’ve prepped our stomachs a long time ago.

“It feels great that I was able to tie the world record without anybody really pushing me,” he said. “I had a really bad minute four and five” — yeah, you can totally tell in the pictures below — “but I almost caught up at the end. I’m a little bummed out that I didn’t get to 70.”

It was just too bad that Takeru Kobayashi wasn’t there to battle his rival one more time. Both are tied at this particular eating event at six wins each, but Kobayashi was banned a couple years back after refusing to sign an exclusive contract with Major League Eaters. It’s a small price to pay for becoming an internet sensation.

Check out photos of Joey Chestnut in action below.