Johnny Bush, another Texas boy that made it big time in country music, will be in San Angelo this weekend. To be precise, he will be at Blaine's Pub Saturday, March 28th.

Blaine's Pub is well know for having some of the best folks in the music scene come in and perform. The best part of this little bar is simply that it doesn't matter if a musician is considered a 'big name' or not. If you're good, you can play because we all know everyone has to get their start somewhere.

But, back to Mr. Johnny Bush. You may know that he is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and an amazing guitar player. He was the fellow who wrote 'Whiskey River' - that's one of Willie Nelson's most famous songs.

I'm sure you've heard his music, but if you've never been to one of his shows, I strongly suggest you do. He is well known for the jokes, stories, ribbing, interaction with the crowd, and simply being super entertaining. it's not just about the music, it's about have a great time while you're there.