Johnny Cooper is on his way back into town for a show at Rockin' Rodeo and it's a show you shouldn't miss!  If you've never seen Johnny Cooper in concert you have missed out on a hell of a show and need to quit living under a rock!

Musical prodigy Johnny Cooper is back, ready to rock and party it up at Rockin' Rodeo!  I'm excited for Johnny to be back in town for many reason.  Johnny and the guys put on a high energy, eclectic and entertaining show.  Johnny Cooper has been jammin' out and writing songs since he was in his teens and has played along some of the most notable artist in this genre.  Some people say Johnny isn't country but half of the TX/Red Dirt music scene is not 'country' by definition but that what's great about this genre, the artists have the freedom to make whatever creations they desire without a fancy record exec getting in the way!  It is simply, true music in the purest of forms.  That's what I like about Johnny, he can go from 'Texas To You' to 'Waterfalls' to 'Devil Woman' to beat boxing.  The list goes on.  It's a very eclectic show that will leave you hungry for more.  Johnny and the guys love to hang out as well so expect to see them mingling all around Rockin' Rodeo and having a few cold beers with everybody.  Rockin' Rodeo.  Thursday night.  Johnny Cooper.  BRING IT!

Here's the latest from Johnny Cooper called 'Moving On' featuring the beautiful and talented Kimberly Dunn.

Johnny Cooper- Crazy

-Ben Ryan