If you missed Johnny Cooper this past weekend at Rockin Rodeo you can read all about the show here.

Facebook-Johnny Cooper

I must admit that I have been so excited to see the new band backing up one of my favorite artist in the Texas Music Scene ever since he announced that he had new members in the band. So I had talked back and forth with Johnny before he got to San Angelo about how things were going and how anxious I was to see the new show and meet everyone. Johnny reassured me that it was going to be a good time and he was ready to see everyone in San Angelo again.

Its always a fun time when I get to go out and hang out with Johnny Cooper and bring him and the guys on stage. We are all very familiar with drummer Joe Cortez IV who won our drum battles and became the king of our competition but two new faces we introduced to San Angelo for the first time Saturday night.

Facebook-Joe Cortez IV

First we were introduced to Jay Sanford on the bass guitar, I must say that when I met Jay and spoke with him briefly before the show this guy knows his stuff hands down. He was a trip to watch and listen too as he tore the bass guitar up during his solo.

Facebook-Jay Sanford

The second face we were introduced to was Cris Brenham, I have never seen someone integrate keys into a show so flawlessly. Cris is a true ace when it comes to the keys and can put the blues into the song or turn right around and tear it up with some down right rockin tunes.

Facebook-Cris Brenham

Over all the band performance was phenominal as usual but regular Johnny Cooper concert goers will notice a difference in the set list with lots of new music mixed in with the old stuff that made us fall in love with Cooper. The well known rap set that Johnny was well noted for has changed up and has done nothing but add a new flavor to the show. Don't worry you will still get to see the awesome break downs and jam sessions that we all love at a Cooper show. Its always a pleasure to have someone like Johnny come to town and put on a show and still love his fans the way he did when he first got into the business. GREAT SHOW Johnny Cooper!