It's been many moons but the Wolfe is back and ready to lay it down on the stage at Midnight Rodeo Friday night.  Don't miss the show and your chance to hear some new tunes first and live.

Facebook- Jon Wolfe

Mr. Jon Wolfe is making his way back to Midnight Rodeo San Angelo Friday night and it's bound to be a show you won't want to miss.  Jon is on his second album and fifth radio single showing no signs of slowing down.  Jon is re-releasing the album It All Happened In A Honky Tonk with a couple new tunes on this 'Deluxe Edition' album.  Swing by the merch booth and pick up your copy Friday night and visit with Jon for a bit, he's a pretty cool guy.  Something that apeels to many is the fact that Jon is real country music and he's a true country boy.  You won't find any better music to dance to anywhere so break out the dancing boots and get you tail to Midnight Rodeo Friday night for Jon Wolfe live.  Don't forget to listen for your chance to win tickets to the show.

Jon Wolfe - The Only Time You Call