This year, that major event came with the offer to sign a record deal with Atlantic Records. The band had vowed not to sign a record deal until an opportunity presented itself for them to do so while maintaining their musical identity. Josh Abbott explains to Shotgun Seat that, prior to signing, Atlantic told the band,
look, we don’t want to make you record a song that you don’t want to, we’re not going to change your image.  We just want you to keep doing what you’re doing.”
In addition to meeting their creative requirements, signing with Atlantic gave the band the chance to reach more fans by amplifying their national promotions. This was particularly important for connecting with listeners on the East and West coasts. Josh said,
 We were already touring pretty big numbers in the Southwest and Midwest/ What we’ve been doing is pretty respectable, but there’s always room for growth.  We saw an opportunity to broaden our horizons, across the entire country, so we said lets do it, and we signed the deal.”