Josh Grider is cruising back into San Angelo for a show at Midnight Rodeo Friday night.  Don't miss your chance for tickets to the awesome show.

Facebook- Josh Gider

The man, the myth, the legend Mr. Josh Grider is taking the Midnight Rodeo stage Friday night and like all of his shows it'll be one for the books.  You've heard the new latest tunes, Summer And Sixteen, Lone Star Highway and Slow but Josh has a plethora of great tunes that you must hear.  What better way to take in the face melting tracks than live on the front row with friends?  On top of that there will also be $3 Rebecca Creek and Enchanted Rock.  That's win-win if you ask me.  Doors open at 8 and the show will probably start about 10:30ish.  Listen all week for your chance to win tickets to the show ONLY on Kickin' Country.  Take a listen and a gander below and I'll see you Friday night at Midnight Rodeo for Josh Grider live.  Enjoy!

Josh Grider - Lone Star Highway

Josh Grider - Crazy Like You