If you have dreamed about a sale that has everything you could imagine for kiddos from clothes to toys and things you never thought you would need at a crazy discounted price this sale is for you!

So last night I had the pleasures of going to the Just Between Friends Sale at the Wells Fargo Pavilion and let me tell you it was an experience like no other I have ever had. I would consider my self an avid shopper for days like Black Friday but this tops those crazy days too.

Facebook-Just Between Friends San Angelo

Last night was the preview sale for the event and let me tell you there is nothing like putting 200 mothers or expecting mothers in one spot and watching them compete for the best bargain in the building. The line to get in the event was littered with first time shoppers like myself who had no clue that bringing your own shopping cart would be the best idea ever to those that had a basket and two laundry baskets to collect all of their finds in. As the doors opened people rushed in to beat everyone else to those items they wished to have for their kids and let me tell you pretty much anything goes with this group of folks, so that they don't miss the best deal.


I will say that after 3 hours of shopping in the biggest kids garage sale we walked away victorious with some awesome finds for my son. We scored an awesome toy chest, a huge play pen, more clothes than he could ever wear in a year, more toys than he could ever play with and an experience to last a lifetime. My favorite find was a picture frame that I happened to pick up that was shaped like a hunting jeep little did I know til I got home that the headlights actually light up on it.


If you are looking for great items for your kids that may not be new but are in great condition the check out the Just Between Friends Sale this weekend at the Wells Fargo Pavilion you wont be disappointed.