This weeks Kickin' Artist of the Week is Adam Hood. Read on for more details.

Adam Hood has made his way around the Texas music scene. He has had a number of great albums and has opened for a number of great artists. Adam lived in Alabama where he worked a "real job." He worked at a corporation for over 10 years and would occasionally help at his mom's local flower shop. He finally got a break in his career when he was playing a small gig in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was confronted by Pete Anderson a producer who immediately fell in love with his performance, writing skills, and ability. Soon after this big break, Nashville singer Miranda Lambert asked Adam to open for her.  He continued opening for her until he met with her producer. He immediately signed him and Adam was apart of Carnival Music Publishing. Since this time, Adam has come a long way. He was toured with many Texas artist, and has released many more albums.  You can learn more about Adam at, or check out his Facebook. Here is a great song from him. Check it out.



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