Charlie is one of the true pioneers of the Texas Music Scene since the early days. It's great to have Charlie and his full band in town this Friday at Blaine's Pub.

I can't begin to say enough good things about Charlie Robison. He is a pro in every sense of the word. Charlie has been instrumental in shaping the Texas Music movement for many years. He continues to influence countless musicians getting into the business. Charlie started in the 80's when he and his brother Bruce were in a band together called Chaparral. Charlie and Bruce then found their own solo careers, and both have left and continue to leave their mark on Texas Music with every album and show.

When you think about some of Charlie's hits like 'Barlight', 'Brand New Me', 'Look out Cleveland', 'New Year's Day', 'El Cerrito Place',  'My Hometown', and so many more great songs that he has written and recorded, coupled with his dynamic, hard charging stage presentation,

Here is Charlie Robison's 'Barlight' music video to get you ready for the show in San Angelo this weekend.