This week JB and the Moonshine Band will be playing a show in town. Check them out for this week’s artist of the week.

This band is, by far, Ben's, Tommy's, and one of my favorite bands that come to town. They are always full of energy, fun, and lots of laughs. These guys are just small town kids from East Texas. They started by a casting call made by frontman JB Patterson. He sent out a call for drummers, guitars, and other platers.  All of 3 people showed up. Gabe, Hayden, Chris, and JB played one song together and decided they would be "The Moonshine Band."

From there out they played any show they could get. Their popularity grew and finally they had their first hit "Perfect Girl”. Since then JB and the boys have been very successful. They will be in town this Friday night at Midnight Rodeo.  Please come out and support the most down-to-earth, genuine band. You will have a blast. They will hang out after the show and I’m sure you’ll rock out to the awesome music!