This week's Kickin' Artist of The Week is the Taylor Hodak band!

One of my favorite bands to hang out with the Taylor Hodak Band is from Waco, Texas. They have their own style of music, everything from rock, country, jazz and more. The boys in the band always put on an exciting, high energy show.

Check out this song. It's called My Chuck T's one of my favorites from them.

Taylor grew up in Ennis, Texas where he originally learned how to play drums. Taylor taught himself how to play guitar and later found himself playing and singing for his very own band. The Hodak Band has a number of influences from The Black Crowes to Johnny Cash, and you can hear it in their music. These guys are a super fun group to hang out with. They will be here in San Angelo this Thursday night at Blaine's Pub. Make sure you come check out Taylor and A.D. as they rock the Blaine's stage acoustic style.