Our Kickin' Artist of the Week is William Clark Green. Read on to see how he got his incredibly young start in College Station.

At the ripe age of 14, WCG opened for a band playing in College Station. He completely forgot all the words while playing. I mean he was only 14 opening for a good band. I can understand the anxiety involved. He later got personal guitar lessons from church and years of practice.  Will attend Texas Tech, yes he is a Red Raider, and that's where he got his big break. He played every Monday night at the Recovery Room, until eventually he was headlining every Thursday. His good friend Josh Abbott helped him get his foot in the door at larger venues, which eventually lead to WCG getting his own band and starting his musical career. He has an awesome CD out called Misunderstood. If you don't own this CD, you should! He is an excellent singer and song writer, and a personal favorite here at Kickin' Country. Make sure you check out his WEBSITE! You can purchase his merchandise, check his shows, and of course buy his CD.

Check out this music video