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This guy is no stranger to the Texas scene, the Texas way of life, or the way Texas music is supposed to sound. From his first record he took 3 songs to the top 10 on the Texas Music Chart one of those ended up going number 1.

Cody Johnson is by far one of my personal favorite artist that has become a friend in the business of Texas music. Cody began his career like any other artist looking to make it big playing the opening act of many Texas venues for those big names we all love. But with a little hard work and some luck to boot he put his heat and soul behind it all and has made a name for himself and the band. He has brought his name to the big stage and holds headline spots next to the best in the business.

Cody is now working the second single off of his new album "A Different Day" called "Guilty As Can Be" which is doing well in radio. This is a follow up single off the album to the hit "Diamond In My Pocket" which packs honkey tonk dance floors with two steppin lovers.



If you have never seen a Cody Johnson show I highly encourage you to experience what Texas is all about. He puts that Texas two step right next to rock and roll pours it in a shot and pours it down the hatch. Its a night that you will leave the venue saying "WOW! Why haven't I been to one of his shows ever before?".

Be sure to stop by his website and purchase the new album and check out the tour schedule to find a show near you.