Here is our Kickin Country Artist of the Week.. Check out the complete story inside.

Dolly Shine has become one of my favorite up and coming bands that are in the scene these days. These guys started out in 2009 and have done nothing but put their music in the ears of people that are willing to listen. They have released their first EP back in October of 2011 and are working to get a full album out to those who fell in love with the EP and those that haven't heard them. I must admit that I was a bit undecided the first time that I head their music, then I went to a show and I stood corrected that they were soon to be one of the next greats in the Texas Music Scene. Their latest single "Drifters Prayer" did well in radio and put high hopes for those anticipating the release of the new album. My personal favorite song they do is "Pretty Flowers" and was the song that won me over. These boys are true to the scene with a down home attitude and the will power and talent to make their dreams come true. Check out their music and you will see what changed my mind and why they are the Kickin Country Artist of the Week.